Legendary artist Prince passed away at the age of 57 without any clear reasons. But there are speculations that the music icon died due to cocaine overdose.

The late musician was allegedly addicted to the substance, reports Belfast Telegraph. According to the news outlet, an unidentified woman called the attention of the police, claiming Prince had “advised her last year in Germany that he cannot control his habit and she was advised to report it,” as quoted from the website.

The record, which was more than a year old, was released two weeks after Prince was pronounced dead on April 21 at 10:07 a.m. However, the authorities allegedly said that the incident was closed because she did not specify if he was in danger.

But since the issue of cocaine use was brought up, investigators continue to dig deeper into the real cause of death. More than the suspected cocaine overdose, he might have also taken prescription drugs which the doctor gave him weeks before his demise.

Notably, there was a report that Prince was diagnosed of AIDS weeks before his death. As per Radar Online source, he went to buy prescription drugs which were first mistaken as a cure for influenza. “The last night, though, we sensed he was in trouble. One girl said he had foreign medication and thought it was Zika virus or something, but my friend who knows the meds says he’s sure it was HIV meds.”

Aside from the alleged reason, the website also reported that Prince had a son. On the day of his death, rumour has it that there was a woman who called the cops, claiming that she had child with the late artist, now 17 years old, and wanted to attend the funeral.

Some of Prince’s greatest hits include “Purple Rain,” “Controversy,” “Pop Life,” “Kiss,” and “Cream,” to mention few.