Andrew Kornfeld – the pre-med student, who was at Prince’s Presley Park estate when the singer died, could face legal charges.

According to a Minnesota criminal defense attorney, he might be charged for possessing a prescription drug used to help kick opiate addiction. Kornfeld is the son of the California addiction specialist who was hired to treat Prince.

However, the reason behind Kornfeld’s visit is now being verified now. This because of what Carver County Sheriff’s deputies discovered in his backpack when they arrived.

Young Kornfeld’s father, Dr. Howard Kornfeld, runs an outpatient addiction facility called Recovery Without Walls. According to The Inquisitor, the singer’s representatives had hired the clinic.

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This is because they wanted an emergency treatment for the singer’s addiction to prescription drugs.

The pre-med student isn’t a licensed physician, says sources. The Kornfeld family’s attorney had disclosed the reason for Kornfeld’s presence at the estate.

He said that Kornfeld was sent to Minnesota by his father to talk to the singer about addiction to prescription painkillers. He also added that it was the pre-med student who made the 911 call to authorities.

According to People, Kornfeld was on the scene in his capacity as a consultant for the outpatient addiction clinic Recovery Without Walls.

He was there with a beginner dose of Suboxone in tow. Suboxone is a drug that contains buprenorphine.

It is used to treat opiate addiction and is a controlled substance in Minnesota. He was carrying a controlled substance across state lines, which is a felony.

However, inconsistencies have been found on young Kornfeld’s part as well.He wasn’t carrying a prescription for the drug nor is he licensed to administer it. Moreover, he was carrying a controlled substance across state lines.

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According to his attorney,the young pre-med student never intended to give the drug to Prince. Andrew was only bringing the drug to a local doctor who was supposed to meet with Prince on April 21 — the day he was found dead.

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As elder Kornfeld cannot practice medicine in Minnesota nor though telemedicine, the mystery is: Why did the doctor make his son straddle state lines with a controlled substance?