Pride Parade NYC 2016 will pay a tribute to the victims of the Pulse gay nightclub. The members of the LGBT community who have survived the physical and mental violence in the society will also be acknowledged in the event.

The lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community has always been considered as abnormal and has remained a target of the “so-called” normal society. MinnPost reported that the FBI has claimed that a hate crime is a bias one. It described crime against LGBT as “criminal offense against a person or property motivated in whole or in part by an offender’s bias against a race, religion, disability, sexual orientation, ethnicity, gender, or gender identity.”

The crimes against LGBT are not new to the society. There have been incidents where gay and lesbian people had to suffer torture both physical and mental. Here is a list of five cruelest crimes against LGBT people.

Orlando shooting

The most recent damage done to the cognition of the LGBT people is the Orlando shooting massacre. June 14 saw one of the deadliest attacks on the LGBTs. Pulse, a gay nightclub, was attacked by gunman Omar Mateen, who claimed to have links with the Islamic State. The incident claimed the lives of 49 people with many left injured. Following the incident, a statement came from Mateen’s lover who said that he was a gay. He added that the attack was an act of revenge.

Police attacked gay men

Police beat gay men around 50 years ago in New York. The attack came following a raid at the Stonewall bar. The heinous act of public representatives prompted the gay men to gather at the gay rights movement in the United States and protest against the exploitation done to LGBT people.

Gay bar on fire

CCTV America reported that after few years of the police attack, another incident was reported in New Orleans. There an arsonist set a gay bar on fire. This killed around 32 people who were inside the bar. The worst thing recorded regarding the incident is that the local churched refused to bury the gay victims.

New Year’s Eve attack

In 2014, an arsonist put a gay club on fire in Seattle. The people were enjoying on New Year’s Eve when the incident occurred. There were more than 700 people inside the club, including many gay leaders of the local regions. The fire was brought under control quickly, which helped people survive the attack.

Pride Parade NYC 2016 Grand Marshall

In 2011, LGB T crimes’ victim Mia Satya was attacked in San Franciso’s Mission District. Two men hit and kicked her on the ground. They said they hated “men in dress.” The victim thought she would join her sisters, who were attacked and died because of their homosexuality.

Satya remained alive to experience the horror once again when she heard of the Orlando shooting. The survivor is the Grand Marshall for Pride Parade NYC 2016 dedicated to the Orlando shooting victims and their families.