Last week, the Season 6 finale of “Pretty Little Liars” aired. The episode revealed many shocking twists: Elliot Rollins is working against the DiLaurentis family, Mary Drake is Charlotte’s biological mother and Jessica DiLaurentis’ twin sister, and Hanna Marin could be dead! Bustle has come up with theories about these jaw-dropping revelations which we hope to see explained in Season 7 of”Pretty Little Liars.”

Elliot & Charlotte:
According to Mary, Elliot is “the only man [Charlotte] ever loved.” Bustle thinks that Wren might have introduced Elliot to Charlotte. We know that Charlotte knows Wren since she gave him information about Melissa. Elliot probably knows Wren too since the doctors share an English accent, meaning they could be brothers, ex-workmates or childhood friends. Or, Charlotte met Elliot whilst in Europe. Another theory is that Rollins was a patient at Radley and met Charlotte there, since, in Bustle’s words: “Tricking Ali into falling head over heels for him only to gaslight her so badly that she checks herself into a mental institution can only be the work of a seriously disturbed individual.” Or, Charlotte and Elliot fell in love when he became her doctor.

Charlotte & Mary:
Bustle reckons that Charlotte and Mary could have met at Radley and worked together as ‘A’. One Reddit user thinks that the vault (where A held the Liars) could have been Mary’s since the crib and childhood photos are things typically kept by a parent who has lost their child. Also, Charlotte’s alias ‘CeCe Drake’ could’ve been a tribute to her beloved birth mother.

Jessica’s killer:
We still don’t know who Jessica’s killer is, but this is what Bustle thinks: “Maybe Mary always felt that Jessica got to lead the life that she always wanted to live, and the second she had a chance, she murdered her in an act of vengeance.” Or, the motive could link back to Season 5 when we learned that Jessica tried to send an email saying, “I can’t protect you anymore.” Bustle guesses that the email was meant for Mary, who then lashed out at Jessica after she refused to help her.

The Liars:
A few days ago, showrunner I. Marlene King revealed that the Liars will make a huge mistake in Season 7. Bustle’s theory is that the Liars killed someone. The theory particularly makes sense if Hanna has indeed been killed by her kidnapper; the Liars could want revenge or could fear their own lives.

Which theory is your favourite?