Pretty Little Liars Season 7 has pretty interesting incidents to be unfolded soon. A new spoiler shows something about the “new people” in Rosewood. Odds are, they are evil or else they are cops. It looks like they are going to come heavy on Spencer. Is she going to be murdered? After all, the secret she spilled isn’t a simple one. What is it all about? Here are the connecting pieces that might give you a clue.

Earlier this season, Spencer was seen learning the lesson the hard way. She decided to make out with a cute guy at a bar. Is that all? No! While getting it on with him, she confessed that she’d just buried a body. His name is Marco Furey. Among all of Rosewood’s open homicides, he is the lead detective.

Let us remind you that the Liars buried Dr. Elliot Rollins in the Pretty Little Liars premiere. The episode 3  named The Talented Mr. Rollins exposed facts about the buried body.  The episode featured Elliot being cut down by Hanna. This supplied the opening shot of the show’s first episode.

Does this mean that Spencer is going to be seeing a lot of Marco Furey? At the same time, one can’t deny the fact that she shouldn’t joke about burying a body, considering that it was a fact.

The exclusive sneak peek of this week’s episode shows Spencer choosing not to pretend that she doesn’t know Marco, which she did in front of Toby. She prefers to talk to him about their run-in, reports EW.

What’s great among all these is that Marco appears quite cool about the entire thing. However, the bad and sad part is that ultimately, he is a cop and Spencer is still, well, a Liar. The possibility of a new ‘Liar-Cop’ coupling is too good to be true.

On the other hand, her revelation in the heat of the moment might turn out to be too costly. She might have to go through a real difficult time of her life. Will she meet her end soon? For a popular series like Pretty Little Liars, killing a mainstay won’t be a big deal.

To know her fate, stay tuned to the series. Pretty Little Liars airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET on Freeform.