Season 6 just ended but fans are already talking about what’s gonna happen in “Pretty Little Liars” season 7, including a possibility that Hanna might not make a safe recovery and return for the upcoming season.

While promoting the Buxom Cosmetics line at Ulta Beauty in Los Angeles, Ashley Benson told Entertainment Tonight, “Let’s hope that Hanna’s okay! That’s all I can say. Let’s hope that she’s alive and doing well. It’s questionable at this point.”

Questionable? After all, this wouldn’t be the first time “Pretty Little Liars” has killed off an important character. To refresh your memory, Mona was even dead for awhile before she came back to life.

“You know, it’s not out of the question, Marlene has hinted to that too, just to get the fans curious. I mean, it really could be Hanna, you never know. You may not see me next season, guys.”

In the finale of season six, fans saw an unconscious Hanna Marin being dragged away. Fans are then left thinking whether Hanna is dead or alive, who is kidnapping her, and what’s next?

Teen Vogue reports that filming for season 7 starts soon and while waiting for the next season to start, fans can just stalk the cast online to see if Benson shows up on set or whether she shows up at all.

Creator Marlene King have also been teasing fans on what’s in store for them in the seventh season, which is rumored to be last of the series.

King dropped spoilers like how “Pretty Little Liars” is ending soon and season 8 must be without the full cast as reported by Hollywood Life.

King also discussed who A.D. must be and who Uber A is, as well as a romance-full season 7 after fan favorite favorite couples have found their way back to each other, and the Liars’ biggest mistake of their lives and how this will be used against them.