As promised by the creators, “Pretty Little Liars” season 7 is unfolding many secretive chapters of the show.  The 3 episode old season has enough theories stored in it to titillate the fans. Last night’s episode dug deeper into Eliot’s secret.  Let’s learn what it is.

With the season premiere of “Pretty Little Liars,” we all started to speculate “Who were the Liars burying?”  Episode 3 offers the answer.  Things become clear by the end of the episode. It is the corpse of cruel Dr. Elliot Rollins who was cut down by Hanna.  What led to Elliot’s death?

The episode 3 titled ‘The Talented Mr. Rollins’ starts with group chat where the liars are discussing the connection between Eliot and Mary Drake.  A few scenes later, we saw Alison on a hospital bed with severe injuries. Elliot is the one responsible for her miseries.

The gang of girls excluding Emily, visit Elliot’s house in search of more proofs against him. While searching his chest, they discover some medicines and surgical tools inside it.  Aria takes photographs of the items as Spencer and Hanna stall Elliot outside the house.

Back at home, while investigating the evidence Spencer learns Elliot is a master of making laxative masks. According to Hollywood Life, she and Emily then look at a picture of blue contact, which makes them realize that Rollins pretended to be Detective Wilden to make Alison seem crazy.

Later, Elliot comes to know of the broken lock on his chest. He irritably goes back to the hospital, grabs Alison, and leaves. Alison somehow manages to text the liars from Elliot’s phone and sends them a pin drop off their location.  A few minutes later she attacks the psycho fellow and jumps out of the car.

But Elliot Rollins is not an easy man to defeat as he races to grab Alison who is running for her life. In a moment of panic, when Elliot and Alison run in front of the girls in their car, Hanna hit the gas and slams into Rollins, killing him right away. This contributed to the opening shot of show’s first episode.

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