Premier League LGBT Support is the most recent happening in the sports arena!

The Premier League is teaming up with LGBT organization Stonewall this weekend to support LGBT players as well as fans. The association has announced that rainbow laces will return this year to send a message that homophobia has no place in the sport.

Reports have it that the Premier League is showing its support to the campaign through a Rainbow Laces perimeter board ads and flags. The main motto is to ensure “their supporter groups to welcome fans in their stadiums, regardless of race, gender or sexual orientation.”

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Club-affiliated LGBT supporter groups like Gay Gooner, Rainbow Toffees, Proud Lilywhite and Pride of Irons have come forward and contributed to this weekend campaign.  Thanking them Premier League executive chairman Richard Scudamore has written:

“We know there is more that we can do to use the spirit and energy of the football on the pitch as a force for good off it, and that is why the Premier League has decided to support Stonewall’s Rainbow Laces campaign.”

He added: “This coming weekend will include a host of Rainbow Laces activities across all matches in our competition, and on our digital and social media channels. Individuals clubs will take that further with their own activity during matches.”

Football fans were the most likely of all fans to be exposed to homophobic language at sporting events, according to a recent research for the LGBT charity. The report further revealed that 72% of that audience reported hearing homophobic abuse while watching live sports in the past five years, learned GT. Premier League LGBT Support will definitely bring a positive change in the mindset of the conservative society.

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The Premier League is eager to make sure clubs promote the use of Kick It Out’s app and other reporting tools. These apps will help to keep a tab on homophobic abuse, making it clear that it should be treated as offensive as racist chanting or abuse.

The Guardian reported the as a part of Premier League LGBT Support, the league’s branding will also feature a rainbow design. In fact, it will be used across perimeter hoardings and on social media.