The new AMC series, “Preacher,” will premiere this month. What does this upcoming show have in store for fans?

The series will be based on a popular comic book series from the 90s. To the uninitiated, a show which has “Preacher” as a title might seem light and innocent. But, according to Channel Guide Mag, fans should expect a “ridiculous” amount of violence from the series. “We have different kinds of violence in the show,” producer Sam Catlin said. Adapted from the comic books by Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon, the show will revolve around a “world-weary” preacher, Rev. Jesse Custer, who finds himself needing to track down God as he himself becomes possessed by a “godlike power.”

Caitlin, who was once a producer on “Breaking Bad,” teamed up with Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg for this project. “Captain America” actor Dominic Cooper is meanwhile set to play Custer.  “When [Custer] fights, it’s usually pretty real,” Caitlin clarified. “When some of the other characters fight, it can become sort of ridiculous. It’s something we always have to calibrate. But it’s all part of this story of outlaws and vampires, vigilantes, demons and angels this is the world of ‘Preacher.’ It’s a bloody, gory, silly, perverse, dark mess.” Will Custer be able to find God? Caitlin kept mum about the plot details. “It’s really out there,” he only said. “Garth’s world has so many different notes in it…It’s a lot to wrestle into a whole. But that’s the fun of it, for sure.”

Meanwhile, The Verge said the show’s first season might have started “too safe and too slow.” AMC earlier gave the news site access to the show’s first four episodes. “The opening momentum slows with every subsequent instalment,” the Verge said.

“Preacher” is set to premiere on AMC this coming May 22.