The premiere of the first season of “Preacher” is right around the corner. What should fans expect from the upcoming AMC series?

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, producer Sam Catlin assured viewers of “crazy…violence.” But fans of the original comic books might have to contend with a few changes. “There’s so many big set pieces and crazy, over-the-wall violence, comedy, stuff like that,” Catlin explained. “We wanted to ground it in something familiar. So that it didn’t feel like a bad acid trip.” What major change will they impose on the series?

“Narratively, [the comic] starts at 110 miles an hour,” Catlin said. “So, [we] came up with the idea that we would see Jesse as a preacher — because he’s only very briefly a preacher in the comic, and then he’s just kind of a bad-ass guy in a preacher collar. We thought there would be an opportunity to see someone try to do their job, be sort of the spiritual sheriff for the town.”

According to Comic Book Resources, the show’s producers did not initially set out to deviate so much from the comics. They even admitted they almost made it a faithful adaptation of the comic books. “We came in with a bunch of boards with the characters and we pretty much said, ‘We’re going to do the comic,'” Evan Goldberg said. “We actually pitched, ‘It’s going to be like ‘Sin City,’ frame-for-frame, almost. We’re going to be really true to the comic.'” But they later scrapped the idea. “We totally just threw that out the window,” Seth Rogen added.

“Preacher” is set to debut on May 22. It tells the story of Rev. Jesse Custer as he finds himself needing to track down God who has gone missing. “Captain America” actor Dominic Cooper will take on the role of Custer.