AMC’s “Preacher” season 1 took an interesting turn with its recent episode.  The ten-episode drama is only three episodes away from the finale.  Thus, many secrets are unfolding one after the other. In episode 6 we saw Eugene disappeared accidentally by Jesse’s word.  Would  this unexpected turn lead to Jesse’s arrest in episode 7?

The spoilers for episode 7 “He Gone” reveals that things are going to be tough for Jesse during the process of interrogation.

The brief synopsis for the episode reads out via Cartermatt: “Tensions rise as Sheriff Root questions Jesse about Eugene’s disappearance.”  No lawsuit in this world would pass a judgment believing in some supernatural power driven mishaps. Does that mean Jesse could get arrested?

To have an idea what is waiting next in “Preacher” episode 7, check out the promo.

In episode 6, driven by some powerful cryptic force, Jesse Custer finally does something rather than wait around for something to occur to him. However, he couldn’t stop himself from committing an entirely miserable mistake. Titled as “Sundowner,” the last episode was a nerve-wracking chapter of “Preacher”. In the episode, Jesse’s actions put his closest ones in danger.

Jesse always claims that the voices he often hears are from God. But such a catastrophic event puts a big question over his claims.  Whom is he actually serving to? Is He the God or the Devil? Or is it any other supernatural power?

Our preacher Jesse Custer was on a mode of discovering what he is capable of through his highly unusual new power. His encounter with Eugene Root / “Arseface,” sets one of the best examples of Jesse’s self-finding process.

His words to the poor fellow were not literal but the immediate outcome showed something shocking. “Go to hell” in reality send Eugene to the netherworld.

To know what lies beyond, stay tuned to “Preacher” which airs on Sundays 9/8c on AMC.