“Power Rangers” will keep its original characters for the upcoming reboot.

The official Power Rangers Twitter account confirmed that the upcoming movie will feature the same characters from the original hit series “Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.”

“Empire” star Becky G recently confirmed that she has been cast to play the role of Trini (Yellow Ranger), an extremely bright but loner teenager.

The four others Rangers have also been revealed.

RJ Cyler as Billy (Blue Ranger), a 17-year-old smart student but lacks social skills.

Welcome #RJCyler to the team as the #BlueRanger in the upcoming @PowerRangersMovie!

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Naomi Scott as Kimberly (Pink Ranger), a 17-year-old popular girl who shows off an edgy attitude to mask a deep secret.


Dacre Montgomery as Jason (Red Ranger), a 17-year-old quarterback that everyone adores until he met an accident that injured his knees.

#DacreMontgomery is officially suiting up as the #RedRanger. Get excited for the @PowerRangersMovie, coming in 2017!

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And finally, Ludi Lin as Zack (Black Ranger), who has all the confidence and charm of a teen.

The team is coming together! #LudiLin is morphing into the #BlackRanger in 2017 for the @PowerRangersMovie.

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CinemaBlend noted the absence of Tommy Oliver, a.k.a Green Ranger.

Although Tommy was not an original member of the team when the show premiered, he was eventually brought in as the villainous Green Ranger at first. The characters eventually joined the team, CinemaBlend reported.

The Green Ranger was played by Jason David Frank.

It was previously reported that insiders are looking out for a “big name” who will play as antagonist in the upcoming reboot of the iconic 1990s TV series.

The “Power Rangers” film will follow a group of high school teenagers who will harness their superpowers in order to save the world.

“Project Almanac” director Dean Israelite will be at the helm of the film.  Burk Sharpless and Matt Sazama (The Last Witch Hunter) will write the early draft of the script, while “X-Men: First Class” duo Ashley Miller and Zack Stentz will develop a more mature story out of it.

Power Rangers creator Haim Saban, Brian Casentini, and “Cinderella” producer Allison Shearmur will produce the film.

“Power Rangers” opens in theaters on January 13, 2017.