Notorious Postcard Bandit who has served 18 years of jail sentence for robberies has arrived at the Brisbane city-watch house ahead of a court appearance. The infamous bandit wants Queensland to be his new home. However, his freedom is still under question.

53-year-old Brenden Abbott arrived in Brisbane with masked Special Emergency Response Team officers following in a car behind. He was granted parole last month after serving 18 years in prison most of which is in solitary confinement. The Postcard Bandit will be released this morning but officials want him to be back in prison to complete his prison sentence which he avoided by escaping in 1989.

For six years Brenden had evaded authorities and escaped from two prisons. He escaped WA‘s Fremantle Prison in 1989 and Queensland’s Sir David Longland Prison at Wacol in 1997.

Abbott gained national notoriety after his jail breaks and a string of armed robberies across the country, reported Brisbane Times. He also robbed Belmont Commonwealth Bank and during which he and his accomplice threatened the stuff at gun point and dropped through the roof.

Police found him after a five-and-half years’ chase at Surfers Paradise on the Gold Coast. They also found a large number of arms and ammunitions and $76,000 in cash.

He was named as Postcard Bandit after he allegedly started sending pictures of himself to police, while on the run. However, he and his attorney are claiming that that was a fabrication.

According to ABC, his attorney is planning to fight his expatriation by citing that the Postcard Bandit proposed to return to West Australia in 2002 to complete his prison sentence but rejected by the then West Australia District-Attorney.

Criminal Lawyer Chris Nyst, said, “The Western Australian authorities have repeatedly declined to have him come back. He has tasted the lash, we say that he has been adequately dealt with.”

He added, “He has been severely punished; he deserved to be severely punished because he broke the law but we say enough is enough.”

Few months ago a Gold Coast man became a hero after he posted a video in social media featuring him stopping two men from robbing a fast food joint.