Notorious “postcard bandit” Brenden Abbott is set to be transferred to Perth via private jet where he is set to face another 16 years in prison.

Abbott was flown to the Western Australia capital on Wednesday morning after his legal team failed to convince Justice David Jackson of the Queensland Supreme Court that deporting him to the west is equal to abuse of process, according to the Brisbane Times.

The judge ordered to hand him over to Perth where he will face charges of escaping lawful custody related to his infamous 1989 Fremantle jailbreak.

Abbott’s legal team is hopeful that the decades he spent in a Queensland prison will help mitigate the charges he will face in the west.

Three weeks ago, the postcard bandit appealed for his freedom and wished for Queensland to be his new home. However, it was also rejected by the judge.

The 53-year-old has an extensive and colorful criminal history that consists of a series of bank robberies and prison escapes. He gained his nickname postcard bandit by taunting police using postcards while on the run, according to the Daily Mail.

Abbott escaped from a prison in Fremantle in 1989 disguised as a guard. He sneaked his way out of his cell and made his way up to freedom through the roof.

In the five and a half years that followed, he wore disguises, created fake IDs and stole money from banks, estimated to be about $6 million in total, to sustain himself until he was recaptured and detained in Brisbane.

Abbott broke out of prison for the second time two years later using wire handed over by an accomplice, 19-year-old Brendan Berichon, to cut through the steel bars.

The two spent eight months on the run from the police until Abbott was arrested once again in 1998 after he was spotted at a Laundromat in Darwin and sent to the then-new SuperMax at Woodford Prison for the next 18 years.