Melbourne writer-producer, Paul Moder has released plans to shoot a movie about the Port Arthur Massacre, as the 20th anniversary of the event looms. The movie will be about Martin Bryant.

He reiterated that it would “absolutely not” be an exploitation movie or an unreasonable treatment of the tragedy.

It was twenty years ago next Sunday, when Martin Bryant killed 35 people and wounded 23 others at Port Arthur. He remains in prison in Tasmania, says Daily Mail.

Man, I've waited twenty years for this.

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Moder is well known for producing the 2003 horror thriller “Razor Eaters.” According to him, there would be “a balanced and respectful approach” to the tragedy in Bryant – The Port Arthur Massacre.

Port Arthur massacre: Phone call between Martin Bryant and Tasmanian police. Via @acurrentaffair9

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He has been discussing the idea for the project with US-based Australian Michael Rymer, to direct the film. Moder is planning to cast an “internationally renowned” actor as Bryant.

According to The Sydney Morning Herald, Moder is planning planned to shoot the film under a US-Australian co-production. He wants to shoot the Port Arthur Massacre in New South Wales and Victoria.

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He wants to keep Tasmania off the filming location, out of respect for the victims and the state’s community.

“The film will be an in-depth character study of Martin Bryant from youth to the massacre,” Moder said.

“I will be including the anomalies, factual discrepancies and legal improprieties of the case in a balanced and mature manner and will include the ‘grassy knoll’ moments espoused by conspiracy theorists.”

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According to Moder, the Port Arthur Massacre was a crucial moment in Australian history because it fundamentally altered Australian way of life.

Moder had been researching for the script over many months. His research included talking to police, witnesses and others involved in the tragedy.

There has been a constant debate lingering on gun ownership and the mass shootings in the US.

Moder said that the dark core that has existed in his culture since colonisation – all have relevance and inclination on the Port Arthur Massacre, and thus the film itself.