The Vatican has denied the report made by an Italian newspaper claiming that Pope Francis has a benign brain tumor.

BBC notes that the Quotidiano Newspaper reported about the current state of Pope Francis’ health. According to the newspaper report, the Pope consulted with a famous Japanese brain surgeon and his team “some months ago.” The doctor claimed that the brain tumor would not need surgery and is curable.

However, BBC noted that a spokesman from the Vatican issued a statement denying the veracity of the report. He gave his assurance that the Pope is in good condition.

Father Federico Lombardi said, “As everyone can see, the Pope is carrying out his extremely intense activities in an absolutely normal manner.” Lombardi called the news report by Quotidiano as “inexcusable and unconscionable,” CNN notes.

According to CNN, the Italian newspaper’s headline read: “The Pope is Sick” on its front page on Wednesday.  The paper even claimed that the Japanese surgeon found out and diagnosed that the Pontiff has “a small dark spot on the brain” when he visited him.

The Japanese surgeon, Dr. Takanori Fukushima, told CNN that the reports were not true. Fukushima told the site, “I have never medically examined the Pope. These stories are completely false.”

Quotidiano even reported that the surgeon supposedly used the Vatican helicopter and that there were pictures of Fukushima in his blog which showed him riding the Vatican chopper.

Lombardi firmly said that no Japanese doctor visited the Pope and no examination was performed unto him. He also added, “There have been no arrivals of external parties in the Vatican by helicopter; similarly there were no arrivals of this type during the month of January.”

A Jesuit journalist from Rome, Rev. Fr. Antonio Spadaro posted a tweet saying that the Pope is indeed in good shape.

Before he became Pope of the Catholic Church, Pope Francis was reported to only have one lung. The other lung was removed when he suffered an infection during his teenage years.