Pope Francis, following his remark that there should be no exclusions to the commandment “thou shalt not kill,” urged Catholic politicians to end executions.

Using the strongest words against the death penalty, Pope Francis called for its global end, pointing out that the “You shalt not kill” commandment was final and equally valid for the innocent as well as the guilty.  He also asked the Catholic politicians all over the world to be brave enough to find an end to executions during the Church’s present Holy Year that will end in November.

Pope Francis told the multitude of people who gathered in St. Peter’s Square on Sunday  that he is appealing to those who are in power. According to him, they should make a global agreement  to eradicate death penalty, which has been allowed by the Catholic Church for centuries. The church’s change of view on the matter happened when the late Pope John Paul II became the head of the Church, Telegraph reported.

His remarks were made to put emphasis on his stand behind the global conference in Rome, Monday. Opposing the implementation of the death penalty, he is appealing to the conference participants that are organized by an international Catholic justice and peace group, the Sant’Egidio Community.

With a number of jails that he visited since he was named as head of the church three years ago, Pope Francis also asked for a better condition for the prisoners. According to the pope, Christians and people of good will must work together to put an end to the death penalty and call for a better prison condition in order to respect the human dignity of those who have been denied of their freedom.

Pope Francis has also condemned life imprisonment. To him, it is a hidden type of death penalty and said a lot of things must be done to rehabilitate even the hardest of criminals, The Guardian reported.