Police are looking for a  man who assaulted up to six women, who were celebrating Bachelorette party in a fast food restaurant in Sydney.

The victim also included a 69-year-old elderly man.The attack took place outside a fast food restaurant in George Street, according to the Sydney Morning Herald.

Though none of the women suffered serious injuries, some of the women were taken to the hospital. The 69-year-old homeless man tried to intervene to stop the fight and had a swollen face after having been assaulted.
“They were discharged pretty quickly after being checked over to make sure that they weren’t concussed,” a police spokeswoman, according to Herald Sun.
One of the witnesses  Serena Prelec said the attacker had made ‘sexually inappropriate’ comments to the women. When the women defended, he punched the girls on their head and also the elderly man who tried to intervene.
The women protested  and he said ‘if you don’t shut up I’ll punch you in the face,” she said, according to The Daily Telegraph. Police are scrutinizing the CCTV and are searching for the man as they continue the investigations.
The alleged, who is believed to be a 42-year-old man, was arrested but was  released pending further inquiries, according to The ABC.
Police are still inquiring and searching for the man who assaulted the six women and an elderly man. The staff also attempted to catch the man who assaulted these women, but the man ran away.Prelec, who was at the table next to the girls, said one of the girls of the group told him there was no way he could escape and the violence started again.
Police checked CCTV footage throughout the day and interviewed witnesses. The investigation continues as the officers are searching for the man, who had Maori appearance.