One man is confirmed dead and another two men injured in a shooting at a home in Perth’s Banksia Grove last night.

According to 9News, police were called to the Cassia Link property at 10:30 p.m. last night. Major crime detectives were called to the scene early this morning to evaluate.

A man in his 20s has been confirmed dead. Another man in his 20s and a third man in his 50s were found at the scene from gun wounds. One of the younger men was rushed to Joondalup Health Campus, where he died. The other two are currently being treated in hospital, reports saying they are both in a stable condition.

A woman neighbour told 9 News she had heard at least four gunshots exploding and heard somebody jump from the fence.

Another witness told ABC he heard multiple gunshots. The witness emerged out of his house to see a man slumped over his letterbox shot.

“I knew right away it was gunshots,” the witness said. “A couple of guys running down the street, a couple of guys running back up the street, a lot of shouting, a lot of hollering, lot of screaming.” The witness also claimed a long history of trouble has been connected to this street, he also adds he was not surprised it resolved in a shooting.

The gunman is reported to still being on the loose.

According to, the two men were taken to Royal Perth Hospital. The two injured men are said to have suffered gunshot wounds, one to the arm, the other to the leg.

WAToday spoke with Inspector Fyfe who was able to provide more details. Police and detective units are still trying to hunt down the gunman, as well as interviewing as many neighbours and eyewitnesses as possible. It has been confirmed that the two in hospital are father and son; it is believed the third man who has died is related to the other two, but the relation is yet to be confirmed. The two have yet to be interviewed by police.

“This is of great concern to us,” Inspector Fyfe said. “A man is dead and it’s a shooting in a public street. We are obviously putting everything we can into this investigation and taking every step we can to take this offender off the street.”