Poldark season 2 will feature a major deviation from its source material. Instead of a rape scene between Ross Poldark and Elizabeth, producers of the show opted for a toned-down version of the event. However, though rumors suggest that the move is to preserve Poldark’s “romantic hero” image, fans are divided on the decision.

Although the axing of the rape scene was received with relief, other fans weren’t so enthusiastic. The main sentiment given was the act of deviating from the source material. A comment on article from Independent about this matter was one example.

User Ken Standing said in the comments that the BBC was more concerned about ratings and maintaining Aidan Turner’s image to the female audience. A partial agreement to this comes from a report by The Sun. The article cites a source who said that the reboot series aims to preserve Poldark as a hero that appeals to everyone.

Meanwhile, in another article by Jezebel’s The Muse, some fans also expressed disappointment in neglecting the original events of the material. According to user AltairaMorbius2200AD, the Poldark books are true art yet the show is censoring it instead. The user further compares the censorship to the new Ghostbusters ruining the original.

ElephantShoe also offers that a “very brilliant man” created Poldark. Hence, there’s a need to stay true to his vision. Nevertheless, majority of the reaction to removal of the rape scene were positive.

Poldark season 2: What’s in store?

It was The Sun who first reported on the updating of the scene.

In the article, Turner says, “It seems consensual, and it just seems right. He goes to talk. He doesn’t go to commit a crime. They talk and it seems like there is still this spark between them, this unfinished business emotionally. Certainly, that’s how Ross feels. He doesn’t force himself upon her.”

With the contrast of the scene in the books and the upcoming season, it makes one wonder how the events following the encounter will differ as well. How will Poldark’s and Eizabeth’s dynamics differ in the aftermath?

Stay tuned for more updates on Poldark season 2.