Aidan Turner made a stand for his character’s right to keep his clothes on for Poldark season 2.

The Irish actor returns to the small screen for the anticipated second season of Poldark. No doubt, fans are already counting down the hours until it premieres on September 4 at 9 pm. This is in spite of the recent controversy surrounding the British drama series based on the novels of Winston Graham.

The point of contention about Poldark season 2 is the decision of producers to tone down the rape scene between Ross and Elizabeth. Critics consider it a deviation from the original material. Moreover, they believe it was done to preserve the lead character’s romantic image. Yet many considered it a good thing to update the scene. Even Aidan Turner felt it was right for Ross not to force himself upon Elizabeth.

However, producers might be guilty of yet another edit. Fans likely enjoy scenes of the lead actor with his shirt off. The Irish actor did earn the top spot as world’s sexiest man alive earlier this year. Yet it turns out, Aidan Turner is not. Moreover, he revealed his struggle to stay fully clothed for Poldark season 2.

“It’s a bit strange. It’s not a stripper show,” Aidan Turner said about the promotional clip for the series. As it turns out, the producers reportedly hoped to have the actor back in the water. However, Turner revealed his determination to keep his clothes on. Thus, if the scene is not in the books then he had reason not to take his shirt off. Then again, Turner clarified he might take off clothes should the character he portrays call for it, the Mirror noted. Meanwhile TV writer Debbie Horsfield is also certain the protagonist stays fully clad as she pointed out the cold weather in Cornwall during autumn.

Poldark season 2 returns September 4 on BBC at 9 p.m.