The latest buzz creator for “Pokemon Sun and Moon” is their new threatening monster lizard, Salandit. Do not confuse Salandit with just any other squamate reptile because it is “The Toxic Lizard Pokémon.” Let us learn 3 important facts about the new Pokémon-ious menace.

  1. Salandit is a black Pokémon lizard with a dark gray body and black head and feet. The length of the lizard is about two-feet. The name has its origin from salamander*. By the side of its back and down its tail, there is an orange-red line. The color of its eyes is light purple with slit pupils. Salander also has several tooth-like protrusions along its upper jaw.

*Salamanders are a group of amphibians usually characterized by a lizard-like appearance.

  1. From the base of its tail, Salandit can emit both toxic gas and flames. The gas has a sweet odor that causes dizziness. The gameplay video reveals that this Pokémon reptile can poison all kind of Pokémon. The credit goes to Corrosion, a new ability that allows Salandit to mete out the toxic status effect on every type of Pokémon.
  2. Salandit sits on its hind legs. This indeed is a unique posture for the reptilian creature. Of course, considering that fiery lizard-type predecessor Charmander travels around on its hind legs, perhaps that’s not so out of the ordinary.

Salandit was added to “Pokémon Sun and Moon” recently. Sources reveal that it is the Pokémon world’s first Poison and Fire-type. The fans will see Salandit invading the Alola Region this November. Since the franchise for “Pokemon Sun and Moon” is dropping frequent updates on the games, the fans can expect even more monster ahead of the game’s launch.

We would like to remind our readers that Nintendo will be launching “Pokemon Sun and Moon” on November 18 this year.

In the meantime, you can check out Pokémon Go which was made available in Japan alongside Australia and New Zealand. It is also out now for the US market. In fact, the iOS owners can also access the game, the same time as Android users.