The hype for “Pokemon Sun and Moon” has grown after its trailer was released last June 2 via The Official Pokemon Channel of YouTube. Like the trailer prior to this new reveal, the video showed sample gameplay. This time, however, it has shown more game content than the first one.

Every “Pokemon” franchise has a unique content that can only be found in a specific game version. Aside from the general set of “Pokemon” in the game’s region, there is the Legendary Pokemon. These Legendaries were the first to be shown in the trailer: Solgaleo and Lunaala.

First to be shown in the trailer is the Psychic/Steel Pokemon, Solgaleo. It has an ability called “Full Metal Body” which means that Solgaleo will not be affected by any move that lowers any of its stats. The trailer even featured a powerful attack by Solgaleo called “Sunsteel Strike” which KO’d a Salamence

On the other hand, Lunaala, another Legendary, is a Psychic/Ghost type Pokemon.  It has the ability “Shadow Shield” but unfortunately the trailer did not show the effect of this ability. What it did feature is a powerful attack which also KO’d a Gengar.

Each game’s region differs and that is one other thing revealed in the trailer. “Pokemon Sun and Moon’s” region is called Alola, which has a Hawaii-inspired theme with it having: a volcano, a snowy mountain, a village, and a lot more. As this an entirely new region, expect to see a unique set of Pokemon.

What’s a game without its characters, right? The trailer introduced a few important people the players will meet. Professor Kukui and his assistant, Lillie, will be welcoming the new players. And, like in previous Pokemon titles, a close friend of the player is introduced, Hau.

There are new Legendaries, new Pokemon, all in a new region. How do you keep track of everything? The Pokedex.

According to BitBag, what “Pokemon Sun and Moon” offers compared to other game versions is a unique talking Pokedex. It’s definitely a lot more interaction. That is, however, only if you have a Rotom, which is presumably a Pokemon, embedded in it.

Watch the new “Pokemon Sun and Moon” trailer here.