“Pokemon Sun and Moon” are most probably one of the much-awaited games of current times. Last week we brought you the news of the launch of limited edition New 3DS XL by Nintendo. Here is another little piece of good news for the fans who are clamoring for updates on the series. Through a recent Twitter post, the official Pokemon site confirmed that they will hand out the release details for new Pokemon Sun and Moon on July 1.

The tweet didn’t confirm anything about the upcoming update. However, we can expect to see more in-depth gameplay specifics on July 1 , reports The Bitbag. Take a look at the tweet from the official Japanese Pokemon Twitter account.

IGN says that the announcement will be made at around 10 PM in Japan, which is  (AEST) +1000 UTC. The detail of this upcoming announcement is still not known. Fans can expect the next announcement will be able to shed light on other gameplay features.

You should check both the English and Japanese Pokemon channels on YouTube on July 1 for a quick update. Try to follow the Japanese Pokemon channel instead of the English one. The chances are high that the first video for “Pokemon Sun and Moon” will be uploaded there.

The new Pokedex in “Pokemon Sun and Moon” has been developed to encourage the trainers to complete it. This is the primary reason why the new Rotom Pokedex has been so featuring packed. The Rotom Pokedex will be able to communicate with the trainer and direct them based on the interaction it had with other trainers, reveals GameNGuide.

Each island in the Alola region comprises its own Guardian Pokemon in “Pokemon Sun and Moon.” Apart from this, there are also eleven Pokemon that will either debut or will headline the game. These Pokemons are Rowlet, Litten, Yungoos, Pikipek, Grubbin, Iwanko, Nekkoara, Popplio, Lunala, Solgaleo and Magearna.

Meet Them Here:

“Pokemon Sun and Moon” will drop on November 18, 2016, on the Nintendo 2DS and the Nintendo 3DS. Both games are now made available for pre-order or check the availability at these places: Amazon, Best Buy, GameStop, Target, ToysRus, and Walmart. Both “Pokemon Sun and Moon” will cost you around AU$55.