“Pokemon Sun and Moon” will not be launched until the end of the year. But game details have already found their way online. Did Pokemon itself accidentally leak details about the game through their website?

An Inquisitr source seems to think so. The news site suggests that if you are interested to know what your starter Pokemon will end up becoming, you need not play the whole game to find out. You just have to look through their official Japanese website’s code. The final forms of each starter Pokemon can be found there.

“The images that appear on a site are…associated with lines of text [in the code],” the news site explained. This means, “the icon reading ‘grass’ that appears under the image of Rowlet, the grass type starter…is coded as ‘http://www.pokemon.co.jp/ex/sun_moon/pokemon/images/icon01.png.’  …When the page is being coded, the icon’s longer name is used…the small icon is what appears in the finished product.” According to Inquisitr, users have found out that changing “icon01.png” to “icon02.png” will reveal a flying type of Pokemon. The news site suggests that this could mean that Rowlet’s final evolution will be “a grass and flying type Pokemon.”

Other codes meanwhile seems to reveal that Popplio’s final form will be a water and fighting type. Litten’s final evolution, on the other hand, seems to be a fire and ground type. It must be noted that these bits of info have yet to be confirmed. You need to wait for the game’s official launch to find out for sure. “Pokemon Sun And Moon” will be released on November 18 on 3DS.

Meanwhile, Pokemon has already opened its Pokemon GO field tests for U.S. residents. According to their official website, American players can now opt to try the game’s beta version and provide feedback to help improve the game before it is officially launched.