There is news of entry of new ultra beasts in Pokémon Sun and Moon. Who are these characters? Each one of them will be seen only in Sun and Moon, respectively. What are the other details you need to know about them? Let’s figure out.

One of them is UB-02 Absorption, the buff and it can be seen only in Pokémon Sun. It has the appearance of a horned, bug-like monster.  It looks burly, with his body covered with bulging muscles. It will impress those who like might and power.  However, the amount of its strength is unheard of. It is to be seen the effect of its punch in full force. Its mouth is typically long and is  harder than diamonds.

The other one is a supple, hypnotizing UB-02 Beauty. A beast in Pokémon Moon, though it looks fragile, it’s very much swift and agile. Many are feeling that it has great similarities in appearance with Lusamine. UB-02 Beauty has narrow, graceful legs, which lets it speed up with an unimaginable pace that many believe that it can even cut lightning! What is more interesting is that, regardless of its own gender, when any Pokémon looks atUB-02 Beauty, it will become infatuated with this Ultra beast and give up to fight. Whether it’s an unidentified pheromone emanated by UB-02 Beauty or a hypnotic effect provoked by its appearance, the reasons are not known, reveals

If one has observed, it is quite clear that the release by Pokémon games has been in pairs.  When it is about their day and night cycles, Pokémon Sun and Moon vary from each other. Sun follows along with a player’s actual time, but Moon is set 12 hours in advance. The player should keep these things in mind and the games are going to release in Nov. 18. Lately, Nintendo also confirmed the 3DS XL new system release date is scheduled for October 28, which is three weeks ahead of the Pokémon Sun and Moon launch date on November 18.