Pokemon Go revealed another positive aspect to playing the addictive game.

Some gamers might be preoccupied figuring out the latest hacks on how to hatch an egg, while the interest of others would likely be on the best cheats to evolve their catch. In contrast, a couple from Ottawa found love through the popular game app.

It seems Pokemon Go surpassed Tinder once again. Sources earlier revealed the game app overtook Twitter and the dating app in the download category. However, this time around it outdid the ability of Tinder to bring people together. Patrick Toutain and Chelsea Lemire initially met on a chat board on the game. The couple have been together since their first meeting two weeks ago at Dow’s Lake to play.

Toutain revealed his earlier difficulty to meet someone via other dating applications like OkCupid and PlentyofFish. Hence, the 26-year old seemed to welcome the opportunity to meet someone through Pokemon Go. As it turns out, meeting someone through the game somehow eliminates the initial tension that usually happens on first dates, according to CBC News Canada.

“A lot of us grew up with it so to meet somebody else that kind of had the same childhood growing up with it you instantly connect. And also you have to get out of the house to play so you don’t have a choice but to talk to people,” Lemire revealed.

The story of Lemire and Toutain might be the first of many with the introduction of the first Pokemon Go dating service called PokeDates. The offline dating business Project Fixup in Chicago is behind the launch. The service aims to match singles and bring them together to play the game as they walk around collecting Pokémons.

PokeDates establishes compatibility between singles based on their answers to a customized questionnaire, according to CBS8.com. Moreover, interested parties must show an interest to play the game. Project Fixup co-founder and CEO Sarah Press is optimistic about the future of the dating service among Pokemon enthusiasts and their own members.