Many, if not all, gamers would consider updates as the greatest thing to a game. Yesterday, the wild phenomenon that is Pokemon GO launched one of its own. However, instead of bringing joy to players, the Pokemon GO update brought major problems instead.

The most nightmarish thing brought about by the update was the total wipe-out of players’ progress. Specifically, players who achieved levels as high as 20 just lost all their effort–and potentially real money–to a level reset. However, there is a known solution to this problem as offered by fellow gamers.

In addition, the support team from Niantic Labs also assured that despite the seemingly back to zero resets for some, progress of all gamers remain intact. Read on to know the solutions.

Game ruined by the Pokemon GO update? Solve it!

One of the solutions offered is logging in the game with an alternative email. According to an article by Telegraph, using this method allowed players who experienced resets to gain their progress back. The article also cited a Twitter user who said that logging out of Google on Safari and logging in on the Pokemon GO app seemed to fix the issue.

If both these methods don’t work for you, no need to fret. Niantic Labs produced a troubleshooting article with regards to the update. The company explains the root of the problem as follows:

“In the Pokémon GO update version 1.1.0 (build 31.0), we updated our Google Account login system and as a result, you may have inadvertently created another Pokémon GO account by logging in with a different Google email address than the one originally used for the game.”

The troubleshooting article discusses two potential ways to gain back your progress.

Take your pick

One step simply requires players to log in with the email originally used in signing up for Pokemon GO.

However, if the case appears that a gamer unintentionally created a new Pokemon GO account, a series of different steps exist. Check out these steps, via Niantic Labs.

1. Uninstall and reinstall Pokemon GO on your device OR sign out with your account and log back in.
2. Open Pokemon GO and choose Google as login method.
3. Once you are redirected to the Safari web browser, check if the email address shown in the top right corner is the same as your email address used for creating a Pokemon GO account.
4. If it is not the same, sight out of Google and log back in with the correct email address.

Still having problems with the Pokemon GO update? It’s best to contact Niantic Labs with this request form.