Pokemon GO has taken the world by storm. Nintendo just launched it in selected countries last week. The company has not even confirmed a global release date yet. In spite all these, Pokemon GO tips still run aplenty online. More importantly, the game has already managed to overtake other apps in terms of daily usage and downloads.

The new Pokemon game allows players to catch Pokemon, compete in battles and collect items. The game also uses real life locations for battle grounds, PokeStops and gyms. Given this, some fans have found it hard not to lose themselves while playing. Because of the game’s popularity, though, criminals have already found ways of using it to do harm. What sorts of trouble have some people gotten into because of the game? What Pokemon GO tips can players use to stay on the safe side?

According to the CSMonitor.com, the game has already caused several real-life injuries. Some players have reportedly twisted their ankles and bruised their shins while chasing Pokemon characters and items around.

Broken bones and twisted ankles are not the only things players have to watch out for, though. According to CNN, armed robbers in the United States were able to anticipate unwitting victims using the game app’s geolocation feature. Criminals have also started using the Lure module to attract more players in secluded areas. Just the other day, police arrested four suspects in the state of Missouri for doing just that.

Players can avoid these two circumstances by always watching where they’re going. The Pokemon Company International itself encourages constant vigilance among their game’s fans.  “Please remember to be safe and alert at all times,” the company said in a statement. “We encourage [everyone] to be aware of their surroundings.” 

Bringing a pal along to unfamiliar places might also be a good idea. Criminals are less likely to harm you if you’re not alone. Other Pokemon GO tips could also include avoiding both playing and driving, and playing and walking.

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