The Australian-based company Geeky Sex Toys unveils their new range of Pokémon-themed dildos. Dubbed PokéMOAN, the sex toys are aimed at bringing pleasure in a fun and nerdy way, with a price tag of $50.00–$69.00.

The company’s Pokemon Go sex toys resemble the popular characters Pikachu, Charmander, Squirtle and Bulbasaur. Their website states that all toys are made of 100% skin safe silicone.

Managing the company is the couple Emma and Josh, who both preferred to be addressed with their first names only. Apparently, the couple already had plans to create Pokemon Go sex toys but the recent popularity of Pokémon Go brought it on top of their priority list.

Pokemon Go Sex Toys

Bulby. Credit: Geeky Sex Toys

This one is named Bulby. It is a grass type Pokémoan with a big seed tip built to bring pleasure to anyone who has it. The company’s website states the seed measures up to five centimetres wide and four centimetres tall while its body is up to 16 centimeters tall and 3.5 centimeters wide.

Pokemon Go Sex Toys

Charmy. Credit: Geeky Sex Toys

This is PokéMOAN is called Charmy. It is a fire type Pokémoan that sports a flaming tail. It is 18 centimeters tall and four centimetres.

Pokemon Go Sex Toys

Squirty. Credit: Geeky Sex Toys

This toy is called Squirty. Squirty is a water Pokémoan with a smooth round head (four centimeters wide) and a big grooved turtle shell on its back.  Its body is 16 centimeters wide and 14 centimeters tall.

Pokemon Go Sex Toys

Piky. Credit: Geeky Sex Toys

The last sex toy is Piky. It is an electric butt-plug. It is about 2.5 centimeters wide and four centimetres tall. Its tail measures eight centimetres long.

“Our aim was to reimagine the boring toys in a fun and nerdy way by simply creating the things we were looking for. We believe a sex toy shouldn’t just be a tool to get you off, it should be fun, entertaining and visually pleasing (as well as physically pleasing),” points out Emma in an interview with Mashable Australia.