Gamers have long been excited for the release of “Pokémon GO.” Will their wait really be over soon? Below, we round up five big things you should know about this augmented-reality game ahead of its launch.

1. When will Niantic and Nintendo finally release it?

The full version of “Pokémon GO” might just be right around the corner. That is if the Neuro Gadget‘s prediction holds true. The site earlier saw a pattern involving major “Pokémon GO” announcements. The beta version of the game was released on March 3. Another beta location was then announced  on April 7. Neuro Gadget pointed out that both dates were  Thursdays and were five weeks apart.

Following this pattern, another major announcement should be expected on May 12. Could it really be the day when developers launch the full version? This has yet to be confirmed.

2. What do beta testers have to say about it?

Beta tests were earlier launched in countries like Japan and Australia. Nintendo has warned users from leaking info about these tests. But this has not stopped some from spilling the beans about the game. According to The Bit Bag, some had even discussed ways how to successfully catch a Pokemon.

3. How do you catch a Pokemon in the game?

The BitBag report says you just need to throw a PokeBall directly at it and hope for the best.

4. Where can fans find gameplay video highlights?

Unfortunately, there is none. Nintendo has been successful in taking them all down.

5. When will the full version really be launched?

As mentioned earlier, Neuro Gadget thinks May 12 is the magic date. However, The Bit Bag is a bit more conservative in its prediction. According to the site, “the game will possibly be released in the middle of 2016…sometime in June.” Whose prediction will be proven true? Stay tuned for more updates.