“Pokemon GO” is one of the most anticipated games of the year. Below, we round up 10 things you should know about it ahead of its launch.

1. You can play it on your smartphone.

“Pokemon GO” will be an augmented reality game. According to ScreenRant.com, your phone will notify you every time you encounter Pokemon in the wild. You will then have the option to catch it using your phone’s touch screen.

2. You can still play it even without your phone.

All you need is the Bluetooth add-on you can buy from Niantic. This was earlier confirmed by Kotaku.

3. You will need to catch a lot of pokemon.

According to Kotaku, there will be more than 100 Pokemon for you to catch in the game.

4. Your objective is to take control of rival gyms.

You can do this by defeating defending Pokemon in battle and reducing that given Gym’s Prestige.

5. You don’t have to play all by yourself.

The game allows you to team up with friends.

6. Battles will happen in real life.

According to ScreenRant.com, PokeStops and Gyms will be found in real life locations.

7. There are no first gameplay videos available online.

Field tests were earlier launched in Japan and Australia. However, any gameplay videos they might have uploaded have already been taken down by Nintendo.

8. Beta testers are also banned from discussing the game.

Nintendo is pretty strict about this.

9. Field tests have just been launched in the States.

Beta tests for U.S. residents have just recently opened. American players can now help improve the game before the final version is released.

10. It might be launched sooner than you think.

The full version of “Pokémon GO” might be released in the middle of next month. That is, if the Neuro Gadget‘s prediction proves to be true.