Hardcore Pokemon gamers and tech-savvy individuals must be excited to know that Pokemon Go will now be available on iOS and Android in July.

Nintendo made the announcement during the second day of their E3 live stream (via YouTube) but the exact date is still under wraps. On the other hand, The Verge had the opportunity to take a look at the game and the website had found out that players could act like a real trainer in the Pokemon world.

According to the outlet, the gameplay involved digital integration to the environment. In layman’s term, players would have to look through the camera of their mobile device to capture Pokemon.

As for acting as a trainer, the website explained that players could go ahead and travel to notable landmarks near their own residence and play battle at gyms as well. One of the three groups- Red, Blue, or Yellow- will have to control the gym.

The team who would want to control the gym must battle their own Pokemon or team up with other groups for higher chances of winning.  Nintendo continues by explaining that players could level up their trainers by catching stronger Pokemon. There are also “candy rewards” which can be used in evolving the Pokemon.

Meanwhile, the beta version of Pokemon Go is now available in the United States, reports Game Spot. Nintendo also revealed a watch-like gadget called Pokemon Go Plus for US$34.99 (AU$47.16) though they are still developing the product.

On the other hand, the other Pokemon latest game. called Sun and Moon will be out on November 18 in North America, notes another The Verge report. The newest game also introduces the three new cute characters- Litten the “fire-y” cat, Popplio the seal, and Rowlett, who looks like he’s wearing a tie.

Pokemon Go and Pokemon Sun and Moon are the two much-anticipated games that will be launched this year in celebrating Pokemon’s 20th Anniversary.