The “Pokemon Go” release date has not yet been scheduled. however, it was reported that Nintendo sent emails to a few selected players recently.

These few selected “Pokemon Go” players claimed they have already experienced how was it like to play the beta gameplay.

Gamen Guide reported that the lucky players were able to play ahead of the rest of the players around the world on Wednesday.

The second wave of “Pokemon Go” beta testing was only done in specific regions in the United States though the published announcement included Japan.

Many people revealed that many of the players across the United States have already played the game. However, those in Japan have not been reported to date.

In terms of specific dates, Niantic, Inc. did not release any statements regarding the fixed schedule of the “Pokemon Go” international release.

Plus, the Ingress approach to “Pokemon Go” was also thought of by the same company. Rumors indicate that they would use the same approach to the mobile gaming.

However, in that case, if Ingress is installed in the game, fans could expect another year of waiting until this gameplay will be finished.

Another beta testing campaign for  “Pokemon Go” would be expected if Ingress in mobile gaming is proven true.

Selected players would be from the same regions, United States and Japan. 

For this add-on, gamers could expect another official announcement from either Nintendo or Niantic, Inc. if this plan will pursue.

Meanwhile, avid “Pokemon Go” gamers could expect that the game will be featured during the coming E3 next week, specifically in Nintendo’s Treehouse event.

During the Treeehouse event, fans could see other Pokemon games like “Pokemon Sun” and “Pokemon Moon.”

Fans are hoping that they would hear  announcements of “Pokemon Go” official release date in the same event.

For those who are interested to be invited by Nintendo, Nintendo Life suggests that you go directly to “Pokemon Go” Niantic Labs’ official website and register.

Once you have done so, you will be advised to keep an eye on your email because anytime, Nintendo will send an email to invite any of the registered players to be one of the few  “Pokemon Go” beta testers.