Gamers in Australia and the United States have been busy catching Pokemon for the past week now. Players in Japan and New Zealand have also been doing the same. However, fans from other countries aren’t as lucky. Nintendo has yet to confirm a global launch date for their new game. However, will Pokemon GO release date come later than expected?

Gamers from other parts of the world might have to be patient for a while longer. They might not be able to catch ’em all anytime soon. Neither Nintendo nor their partner for this project, Niantic Labs, has set a definite rollout date yet.

According to Business Insider, the mobile game giants previously paused the international Pokemon GO release date because of a system overload. The game’s servers reportedly keep crashing for some players in countries where the game is already available.

Nintendo and Niantic Labs are both “hard at work” trying to iron these things out first before officially taking the game global.

Meanwhile, some players are finding things more more interesting than gyms and PokeBalls through the app since it launched. According to the BBC, one player from the United States found a dead body while searching for a Pokemon to catch. The teenage player from Wyoming, Shayla Wiggins, recalls trying to get to the Pokemon shown on her map when she saw a man’s corpse floating in the water nearby.

“It was pretty shocking. I didn’t really know what to do at first,” Wiggins explained. “But I called 911 right away and they came really quickly.” Wiggins spotted the body in the Big Wind River, somewhere under the Wyoming Highway 789 Bridge. Cops later found no evidence of foul play with regard to the body found.

Meanwhile, some players from Europe and Asia have found ways to work around the game location restrictions. Gamers in these parts of the world have been able to download the game through android application packages (APK) links. Nintendo has reportedly clamped down on some of these links, though.

When will Nintendo really set the global Pokemon GO release date? Stay tuned for updates.