Pokémon GO has caught the attention not only of the Pokémon fans all over the world but also real estate businesses. Some have even used it as a major selling point for their houses.

As Pokémon GO users go in droves and flock Pokéstops and Pokégyms, real estate have jumped in on the craze. Real estate agents have begun using these highly sought after features to attract potential buyers and renters. While real estate ads may not hit their target market on point, it can converse with the target audience and eventually attract their originally intended market.

The number of Pokéstops and Pokégyms have become a quirky listing feature. In the past, buyers and renters considered proximity to schools, supermarkets and main thoroughfares. Nowadays, Pokéstops and Pokégyms are have become the selling point.

However, industry analysts say that this Pokémon GO feature may not be a huge factors for serious buyers. Instead, these timely features can be used on potential renters.

Some ads proudly tout how lucrative their area is for Pokémon GO players. While some advertisers think including the game’s features in their ads lower the quality of the real estate they sell.

Despite the two opposing sides on the sell side of real estate, some have found a way to use it to lure potential buyers and renters to at least their open house viewing.

Seeing it as a way to open the conversation, one real estate agent has dangled the possibility of catching a Pikachu in the open house, CNBC  reports.

Meanwhile, real estate for office spaces have found a way to strike a conversation with millenials. They have used Pokémon GO features to elevate the status of a potential office space. The exploratory nature of Pokémon GO urges its players to go outside thus increasing foot traffic. With the foot traffic created, businesses only need to find a way to direct those foot traffic to their establishments.

While the real estate have jumped on the hype, there is still a lot of potential the game offers. As Pokémon GO fever rages on, only time will tell whether the real estate industry wins with this angle or not.