Pokemon GO just launched last week, but some fans can’t seem to put it down anymore. The new game app allows players to realize some of their childhood fantasies. It lets them catch and evolve Pokemon, battle at Gyms, and collect items in the real world.

Not all fans have been lucky enough, though. The Nintendo game has just rolled out in a handful of countries, including Australia and the United States, last week. How long do gamers from other countries have to wait for Pokemon GO‘s official launch? And more importantly, is there a way to also play the game without an Internet connection?

No one has figured out how to play the game offline yet. However, according to some Reddit users, gamers from other countries can also download the latest Pokemon game ahead of Nintendo’s official release. Gamers in Europe, South America and Asia have reportedly been able to do so using android application packages (APK).

“The game is unavailable in my region Brazil. But I could download it with APK pure, just set the region to Australia,” one gamer claimed on the social networking service. Another Reddit user from Belgium said the APK link shared on the site “works perfectly” and is also “much faster” than other links.

Users from South Korea, Thailand, Singapore and Argentina have also been able to download the game through the APK link. However, gamers from these countries have also reported on Reddit that issues have arisen a few days later. PokeStops and gyms of some of these players have since disappeared.

In addition to Australia and the United States, the game also rolled out in Japan and New Zealand last week. Gamers from other parts of the world might have to wait a while longer for the official launch, though. As of writing, Nintendo has yet to confirm a Pokemon GO global release date. Stay tuned for updates.