The release of Pokémon Go has made the world go crazy for the game. Now, the game has turned out to be a blessing in disguise for a Danish IT company. A relevant source revealed that the company is paying its employee in Pokécoins to buy game-related items.

Prosys, a Danish IT company, was struggling to attract applicants for a job vacancy. Thus, it thought of an alternative way to fill the post.  The IT farm built a connection between the real and virtual world through Pokémon Go. How? Prosys is going to pay part of the salary in the game’s virtual currency, i.e. Pokécoins.

The company’s director Lasse Jurek conveys that the unconventional payment is meant to be a fun way of making the organization stand out among young jobseekers. Mr. Jurek reveals that he read about restaurants and other businesses offering discounts to Pokémon Go players to  increase their businesses. Therefore, he thought a similar idea could work for his company.

In his words:”We see children, young people and adults playing it everywhere. So we thought if that’s what it takes, let’s try it.” He also admits he’s never played the game, but he’s “pretty sure” his children would like his salary to include some Pokecoins.

Prosys is located near Copenhagen. For quite some time, the traditional sales tricks were not bringing business to the IT Company. According to Finans business news site, it finally decided to attempt something out of the box. Offering part of the monthly salary of 25,000 kroner ($3,700; £2,900) as Pokecoins is  part of its revised pay scale.

Now die-hard players can use the money to buy in-game products and Pokéballs for catching Pokemons.  Additionally, the full amount can be paid into a real bank account, if the interviewees prefer.

Cute Pokémons are running amok on planet Earth, and humans are braving crazy conditions to catch them. To catch and upgrade Pokémons, there are items like Lure, Lucky Eggs and Lure Module. Each of these items cost Pokécoins, which, unsurprisingly, must be bought for real money.

Stay tuned to learn about more crazy stuff related to Pokémon Go.