Gamers who caught the Pokemon GO bug may have something to look forward to. If new reports prove true, quest for Pokemon GO locations could be much easier.

A report by Gizmodo suggests that there’s a potential partnership brewing between global fast food chain McDonald’s and Niantic Labs. The source cites multiple persons who stumbled upon different oddities in the game’s code. One of these individuals, Aussie student Manu Gill, spotted McDonald’s name in the code of a decompiled Android version.

Other individuals who also uncovered McDonald’s-related material seem to back up Gill’s discovery.

As to how a McDonald’s sponsorship would play out, Gizmodo quotes Redditor NeoProfessorWillow as follows:

“Based off what I’ve found it looks like they’re going to hold a promo with McDonald’s which’ll turn them into all gyms.”

As of this writing, there’s still no confirmation on McDonald’s sponsoring Pokemon GO. The unusual code could mean anything–maybe only even as a testing material by Niantic. However, what these discoveries showed could not simply be dismissed. If anything, it seems to be a rather solid evidence pointing to that partnership direction.

Pokemon GO Locations — imagining McDonald’s

If we assume that the partnership proves true, a ton of possibilities come to mind.

Given the presence of McDonald’s everywhere, Pokemon GO players will enjoy convenience. As opposed to forests and remote locations where one is likely to find a dead body, McDonald’s is a pretty safe environment.

Also, since McDonald’s would surely want to get the most out of the sponsorship, special conditions may apply when playing the game in their establishments. An example would be having to catch/earn premium items in the McDonald’s premises, in exchange for a real-life purchase. Although not that likely, there’s still a possibility in this one since the company would also want to control congestion in their chains.

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Whatever the gimmick may be, the addition of sponsorship will change some aspects of the game. More congestion for the game is also a possibility.

Do you think a Niantic Labs-McDonald’s partnership will help Pokemon GO locations? Let us know in the comments!