Pokemon Go” has become one of the most anticipated mobile games today, and with the release day draws near, expect a ton of soon-to-be trainers marching in different areas on their effort to collect every Pokemon. Though information about the game is still vague, the Pokemon Company has finally shed some light about the anticipated game.

According to the website, the game will encourage players to roam around their cities in an attempt to capture a Pokemon, when players move around, the phone will vibrate and notify them for any nearby Pokemon. Once you encounter a Pokemon in the field, you use your touchscreen to aim at them and throw a Pokeball to capture it, but be careful when throwing Pokeballs and there are chances that they can escape and run away. It is also revealed that you can restock your Pokeballs on certain locations, such as monuments and historical markers in your city.

When successfully capturing Pokemons, players can gain levels. The higher the level, the more powerful Pokemons you can encounter and capture. This also opens new items, such as Greatballs and Masterballs that have higher capture rate. Another interesting feature is that you can evolve some Pokemons when you keep on capturing the same Pokemon over and over. You will also encounter some Pokemon Eggs scattered around the area, once you obtain one, it can hatch once you accumulated a certain number of steps, and these eggs can reveal new Pokemons that are not available anywhere.

Players can also join teams, where they can place their Pokemon on empty Gym locations or battle any Pokemon defending any Gym. Once you defeat it, you can claim that Gym until someone defeats your defending Pokemon. There are also a variety of challenges found around the area. Completing it will give players medals that they can show off at their profile.

“Pokemon Go” will become available worldwide for both iOS and Android.