“Pokemon Go” is finally live, but with all the buzz and excitement surrounding it, issues on the game have surfaced. For your convenience, we round up some of the common Pokemon Go issues and how to fix them.

The game’s main and “known” issues were updated in the official Pokemon Go website and GameSpot relays the list.

The issues range from getting error messages regarding items and level progress becoming stagnant. We mention the most pressing issues and their recommended fixes below.

Issue: “You already own this item” error message
Fix: According to GameSpot’s guide, this issue usually happens when a player loses internet connection while purchasing PokeCoins. To resolve this issue, players are advised to turn off their devices and restart.

Issue: Progress resets to Level 1
Fix: According to GameSpot’s guide, this happens when a player creates two “Pokemon GO” accounts by accident. This happens when one creates an account with one log in method then tries to use another method later on. To fix, players are advised to log out of their accounts, then log back in using their original log in method.

Issue: App kills battery life
Fix: Unfortunately, there is no known fix for this problem just yet. However, the good news is that Niantic is already aware of the problem and promises to resolve the issue soon. For now, all that players can do is have something like a power bank in handy.

Pokemon GO issues tips and tricks

We gather some of other players’ tips and tricks to help you with your hunting.

Tip 1: Find Pokemons by environment
GameSpot reports in another article that Pokemons of certain elements can be found in areas fitting to their nature. Hence, ponds or bay walks may harbor Pokemons of water elements while other areas like forests or hills will also harbor compatible Pokemons.

Tip 2: Time matters
Recombu shares that many gamers noticed how some creatures appear more in a certain time frame than other times. Hence, if you are planning to score fairy and ghost types creature, hunting during the evening or night time may help.

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Tip 3: Familiar = more loot
If you are struggling to bag more Pokemons, checking out more familiar and significant landmarks may do the trick. The aforementioned sources detailed how Pokemons are commonly located in these areas. Recombu also shares that more loot may come with these landmarks.

Tip 4: Get the hint: Footprints
Recombu notes that footprints appearing beside pocket monsters refer to distance.

Hence, the less footprints there are could be a hint that you’re near a Pokemon.

Be sure to visit back for more Pokemon GO issues, their fixes and tips and tricks.