To date, no one has been able to locate the Legendary Bird trio – Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres within Pokémon Go. This is a location-based app where the players catch creatures in the real world, but the good news is that they have been teased to appear in the game in some form. Read on to learn more how to catch these Poké-birds.

Pokémon Go allows the gamer to explore many hidden corners of the Pokémon land to spot the Pokémons.  From hatching eggs to training the Pokémons, everywhere there is technique that highlights the dos and don’ts of the game as well.

At the start of the game, Professor Willow assigns the players into the inevitable mission that every trainer carries out in any of the Pokémon games to complete the Pokedex by catching all of the Pokémon. Some players take this as a chance to stuff the Pokedex with their own exclusive collection, or simply look for domination in Pokémon parades or by being the overall champion.

Consequently for the Pokémon savant, one question is relevant to their quest for domination – where are the legendary Pokémon?

In  Pokémon Go, trainers now have the option to fight it all out by making their Teams supreme. Headed by assistants of Professor Willow, there are three Teams like:

Team Valor– the red team personified by the fiery will of Moltres. They symbolize the absolute strength and will of Pokémon trainers. The team’s faith lies in the theory  which says competition and vigorous training that makes Pokémon supreme.

Team Mystic– the blue team personified by the mists of Articuno. Trainers under this team represent the calculating nature of Pokémon trainers. They highly believe that dominance can be only be secured through strategy and careful study.

Team Instinct– the yellow team incorporated the sparks of Zapdos. The team represents the power of instincts and hunches. It believes that it is through the unseen bond of Pokémon and trainer, and the power of guts the true destiny of Pokémon training could be attained.

With this in mind, it won’t be hard to predict that the three leaders of the teams have the three Legendary Birds in their pockets. Their (birds’) absence in the game so far has led to questions of where – and when – they will appear. Comicbook says it’s sooner than players expect.

A recent Pokedex entry recommends that the Legendary Bird trio will ultimately get playable. In fact, the players with a Dratini, Dragonair or Dragonite will witness this. Players who obtain these Pokémon will disclose all three Legendary Birds’ spots (#144#146) in the Pokedex, giving hints that the Legendary Bird trio has appeared in the game and are waiting to be caught.Sources reveal that it is only a matter of time before trainers find out new Pokémon available in the Pokedex.

Is it still possible they could be found in the wild at a high enough?

Is there a possibility for Niantic Labs to subtly hide these rare Pokémon in plain sight, waiting to be discovered?

For the time being, Pokémon Go players can only admire these Legendary Birds from the Pokedex.