Almost everyone is going crazy over the newest free-to-play mobile game, Pokemon GO. While some of the hunters are still struggling to capture one, others are already on their way to becoming a Pokemon master. So, what’s the secret?

The augmented reality game has been creating a buzz all over the Internet. People have found another interesting way to use their smartphones.

Many are curious on how to be the best “like no one ever was.” Yes, the public should always think of the phrase “Gotta catch ’em all” while trying to find Squirtle in the pond.

Here are some tips that gamers should take note of to become a Pokemon master.

The first question is this: where is the best place to find a Pokemon? According to Pokemon GO forums, there are no specific locations to catch them.

In fact, players have found their own Pokemons just about everywhere. The trick to finding one is by simply walking around the vicinity.

The player’s smartphone will vibrate every time there is a Pokemon in the area. The gamers must tap and hold their Pokeballs each time one is spotted.

Hollywood Life notes that there would be times that a player would miss a catch. In order to seize them, players must perfect their catching skills by tossing the Pokeball when the green circle is at it’s smallest.

The website indicates that there are Poke Stops that allow gamers to find items without spending lots of dimes buying stuff from the free app.  Players need to tap and flick the disc in the center of the screen to get it spinning and check what’s in it.

Lastly, battling other aspiring Pokemon trainers in a gym will also help them reach a higher level. Just take note that players can only fight if they are already on level 5.

There you have it. Good luck in playing Pokemon GO. Catch the other tricks and tips here.