Pokémon Go has turned out to be a global sensation right from day one. Every day there is a new trick about playing the game. Here is one of the Pokémon go hacks which will help you to earn money through Pokémon Go. Learn the details.

Now the burgeoning popularity of Pokémon Go is persuading experienced gamers to cash in by selling their high-powered game accounts to those who are looking for time-saving methods.

Similar to many other video games in Pokémon Go also offer limited powers to the players at the beginning stage. These powers eventually grow up with experience in the game. For Example, spotting and catching legendary Pokémon birds in the Pokémon world. However, there are many gamers who are always preferred to choose shortcuts to reach the advance status. In order to offer them, a helping hand the Pokémon Go hacks concept like ‘selling high-level accounts’ has strolled in.

These days on many online marketing platforms like eBay Inc. has dozens of advertisements on them pitching the chance to start Pokémon Go at an advanced level.

Silver Spring, Md. Hieu Huynh told that he paid $100 last week for a level 12 account. The 21-year-old college sophomore stated that  he wanted to catch up with friends who had more spare time to visit PokéStops, the real-world locations where players acquire free in-game items.

In his word: “I can’t catch the good Pokémon. I don’t have time to go that far.”

Jackson Wares is a gamer who spent approximately 15 hours collecting more than 50 Pokémon and 300 in-game items. On Friday, Wares sold the Google account that he used to play the game for $50 ( around A$66)

Selling accounts aren’t unlawful in the U.S., but in most cases breaches the terms of service of game developers and established marketplaces such as eBay. Game accounts generally are owned by the companies, not the gamers. The usual punishment is a ban. In fact an eBay spokesman conveyed listing accounts for sale is banned.

“We’re not able to comment on specific cases, but when we detect abuse that violates our policies, we’ll take the appropriate actions,” a Google spokesperson said.

Companies generally don’t want people buying souped-up accounts from other players because grinding through games often leads to spending on in-game items, clarified Ryan Morrison, an attorney in New York, and an avid gamer.

A representative for Activision’s Blizzard unit stated that sharing account details often gives rise to illegal activities. Thus, the company makes an attempt to discontinue such transactions. Despite there is no shortage of violators who are selling their accounts. Tracking them down can be a lengthy hassle, said Josh King, an attorney in Seattle focusing on internet and media law.

The potentially large, diverse player base for Pokémon Go, though, might make devoting more resources to a crackdown worth it, he said.

 The Wall Street Journal says that there are over 100 Pokémon Go accounts for sale Friday; a level 21 with five powerful Pokémon was going for $600 ( around A$792).

Although this new approach of Pokémon Go hacks is spreading like a wildfire in the gaming world, it is not advisable to go for it since there is security breach involved. Stay tuned to get updates on Pokémon Go game .