The latest Pokemon game has become quite the hit among gamers the world over. However, batteries of smartphones everywhere have taken quite the hit because of it as well. Most games usually drain the batteries of any given device, but Nintendo’s newest game tends to do so more quickly. Below, we round up all the Pokemon Go hacks you should know to keep your phone’s battery from dying on you.

Battery drains just won’t do while you’re playing Pokemon Go. You wouldn’t want to forfeit a gym battle just because of your phone’s battery now, would you?

According to Forbes, it makes sense for Pokemon Go to be as battery draining as it is, though. The game lets players collect virtual items and rare monsters in real-life locations. Naturally, it uses the GPS chip on a player’s smartphone, as well as apps like Google Maps, to find his or her location. Without this, the game would not be able to point out gyms, stores and even the Pokemons themselves to players.

This is easy to counter, though. As CNET points out, the game comes with a built-in battery-saving feature. You can find this option under settings. Thankfully, this feature does not affect the game itself. Thus, you can still catch ’em all as much as you like even on battery-saving mode.

However, if this doesn’t do the trick, you can always try downloading the Google Map of your area for offline use. Choosing to use a pre-downloaded map will not only help you save on battery juice. It could cut your mobile data usage as well.

Other steps you can take to boost battery life include switching off features you won’t really be needing while you’re playing the game, like bluetooth. Forbes, meanwhile, suggests having either battery charging cases or portable power packs on hand just in case of battery drainage while you’re on a quest.

Check out four more battery-saving Pokemon Go hacks in the clip below.

Did these Pokemon Go hacks work for you? Stay tuned for more nifty little cheats and tricks for this game here.