Nintendo’s newest game has been forcing players to walk kilometers at a time just to hatch the eggs they collect. However, some enterprising fans have figured out a way to hatch eggs without having to walk all those miles. Does this Pokemon Go hack really work?

Pokemon Go allows players to collect virtual items, like Pokemon eggs, in real-life locations. Before these eggs can hatch into actual Pokemon, though, the app forces gamers to walk various distances first. Some eggs require just a two kilometer walk. Rarer eggs, meanwhile, need as much as 10 kilometers before hatching.

Some players have tried to drive around town or take the train to hatch their Pokemon Go eggs. However, this doesn’t really walk. Since the game uses GPS tracking, it can always tell if a player is actually walking the required distance or not. So unless you’re driving really slowly, the egg incubator would stop recording your movement.

Some players have embraced this challenge, though. But not everyone is up for something like this. Walking does sometimes take too much energy. Thankfully, some have found a shortcut. Can you really hatch these eggs without ever having to leave your house?

According to Mirror UK, some players have tricked the game by cycling around their neighborhood, instead of walking. This trick does take less energy. However, it still requires you to move about. If you’re really looking for a way to achieve your Pokemon Go goal from the comforts of your own couch, you have two options.

One option would require a record player. You can just open the app, put your phone on the record player, and let it spin around. The second option, on the other hand, would require a ceiling fan and packing tape. You can tape your phone on one of the ceiling fan blades. Just make sure you tape it securely, though. You don’t want your phone flying off, mid-way.

Check out how to pull off the second Pokemon Go hack below.

Did this Pokemon Go hack work for you? Stay tuned for more nifty, little cheats and tricks here.