Gamers have been waiting for the Pokemon Go global release for a while now. The mobile reality game did launch in a handful of countries almost a month ago. But the game has yet to debut in most areas.

Pokemon Go became an instant hit in countries where it was available. For a little over three weeks, this game was all anyone could talk about. However, according to reports, the game did little to pull up the stocks of Pokemon Go developer Nintendo. Pokemon Go did boost the company when it first launched. But this proved difficult to sustain.

Will this really force the company to cut their losses and push back the game’s global release?

Nintendo has yet to confirm a definite Pokemon Go global release date. However, the company might have to prioritize getting its stock footing back in the coming days.

Nintendo’s market value did suffer quite the blow earlier this week. Nintendo shares plummeted by 18 percent to 23,220 yen (around 295 AUD) at the close in Tokyo. The company’s market value went down by almost 708 billion yen (over 9.1 billion AUD).  According to Bloomberg, this is the most the company has slumped since 1990.

Nintendo’s server issues and release delays may have had a hand in all this. Just a few weeks ago, Nintendo’s shares nearly doubled right after Pokemon Go’s launch three weeks ago. Their latest game added 23.4 billion AUD (17.6 billion USD) in market capitalization to their company. This market surge did not last long for the company.

Meanwhile, Nintendo isn’t the only company whose Japanese market value also went down this week.  A lot of the company’s Pokemon Go partners experienced similar slumps. Pokemon Go‘s exclusive launch partner, McDonald’s Holdings Co. (Japan), sank by 12 percent. Electronic parts maker Hosiden Corp., which may produce the upcoming Pokemon Go Plus, also went down by 16 percent in the Tokyo stock market.