Frustrated of not being able to hold a gym for long? It seems a Pokemon GO glitch may ease your frustration. If it works for you, you may keep a gym as your own–forever!

Most would say that forever is a strong word, and it probably is. However, until Niantic Labs rolls out a patch to fix the glitch, players can maximize it.

GameSpot reports on the said glitch. According to the source, the egg is the key to own a gym indefinitely. How to do it? Once a player is successful in battling Pokemon/s of the current owner/s, he/she can place an egg on the gym. The site details that it is impossible for enemies to snatch the gym since Pokemons can’t battle eggs.

Aside from the glory of holding on to a gym, the glitch also has another advantage. According to Eurogamer, trainers can earn themselves Pokecoins everyday. Without an update to fix this yet, players who try it and succeed can earn Pokecoins for as long as possible.

The website also shares a video on how placing an egg won’t let anyone take away the gym from an owner. Watch it below.

The video shows the user attempting to battle the Pokemon of the gym’s owner. However, when the gym is clicked on, it doesn’t show anything to battle.

Still, it is unknown whether this glitch is available to all. According to user iandizion713 who left a comment on GameSpot’s article, he can’t place an egg on a gym.

Pokemon GO glitch: A warning

However, in the case that you try it and it works for you, be warned. Niantic Labs recently issued permanent bans in a move to fight cheaters in the game. Though this glitch comes from their end, mining it is still likely a violation of their terms of service.

Proceed with caution if you try. Better yet, however, just don’t do it at all. In the long run, you’d risk losing more. Be the best Pokemon trainer by playing legit. That’s the only way you can call yourself a great trainer, if not the best.

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