Nintendo’s Pokemon GO is making waves now despite still being in testing phase in Japan as some lucky Japanese players managed to experience what is it like to hunt for Pokemons in their cities. Now a new video has appeared to give players a preview on how the game is being played.

IGN shares the video on the Pokemon Go gameplay. For those who have not heard about “Pokemon GO,” it is the upcoming mobile game from Nintendo that will let players explore their city with the help of the GPS guide on the app game and they will search for Pokemons that are found on the map. Once they reached the designated area, they can attempt on capturing the Pokemon where they can use it to battle other Trainers.

“Pokemon Go” is supposed to be released this quarter but so far no specific details were mentioned on when it will be actually released.

A new video has appeared that was uploaded by YouTuber Darkathion where it showcases the gameplay of “Pokemon Go.” Darkathion explains that the video was intended for the beta testers of the game and explained that the video was not meant to be viewed by others.

Nintendo was supposed to reveal more about the game from last March’s Game Developers Conference, but it was eventually cancelled due to Niantic Labs explanation that they should be preparing for the beta test and launch of the game.

The video features footage of the player navigating around the city and using augmented reality during battle to add more realism to the experience, as well as a glimpse of the battle system. There is also an egg hatching feature where it can unlock new Pokemons and more features that are commonly found in a real Pokemon game.

Currently, Pokemon GO is having a field test in Australia and New Zealand where the footage also originated. No definite release date was announced for Pokemon GO but you can expect it on the Android and iOS.