At the height of the Pokemon Go fever, players are out and about flocking to Pokéstops, creating Pokémon hunting parties and even suddenly popping up like Dugtrios out of nowhere. However, they crop up in hundreds rather than in threes.

Home owners, museum managers and even concerned citizens have voiced out their complaints regarding clumps of Pokémon Go players showing up just to play Pokémon Go. Aside from invading private properties and museums, Pokémon Go players have also started pulling out their phones at concerts, too.

The recent Rihanna concert was a prime example.

As Rih Rih went through her repertoire, she noticed a concertgoer minding his phone rather than the concert. That’s when Queen Rih Rih put her feet down.

She strictly called out against people texting their boyfriends and girlfriends. She also did not want any of them to catch Pokémon in the venue.

 The singer is definitely the embodiment of her latest album, ANTI then.

A similar incident happened at Beyoncé’s concert earlier this month in Paris. However, it was Beyoncé’s fan who took action. The Independent reports that a concerned fan called out a woman on the front row who was busy playing Pokémon while Beyoncé was performing. The concertgoer pointed out that the woman was beside the stage. Fortunately for the Pokémon Go player, she was already paying attention when Beyoncé walked down the stage near her.

With the immersive nature of the Pokémon Go and its capability to mesh virtual Pokémons into the real world seamlessly, it’s no wonder people are hooked. The app itself requires dedication and time spent for a player to advance. Without offline features, the app needs to be open in order for any improvement to happen.

Though Rih Rih is not amused with the invasive nature of Pokémon Go, other celebrities are hooked with the game. From Bryan Cranston playing the game while chatting with his Twitter fans to Demi Lovato pulling out her phone and expressing her disbelief at the lack of Pokémon to catch, the craze is real.

These celebrities should know better than to set foot in Rihanna’s concert or else.